How to Draw Manga and Anime Girl Face

This step by step tutorial shows how to draw girl anime head and face step by step.  focus is on how to draw a female character facial.

First I draw a circle, I decided to trace a cup.

Then I draw a straight line down the middle of the circle.


Now, we draw a straight line under the circle, it will help us draw the chin.

We draw a straight line under the circle it will help us draw the chin.

I draw a line going across the middle of the circle.


This distance is equal to half of the circles width.

Then I cut that distance in half.

Then I split it in half again, this is where the tip of the chin will be.

Next, I draw lines that slant inwards on both sides of the circle.

they stopped at the line under the circle.

the jaw can be very tricky, it can be hard to make both sides look similar.

Now, I’m drawing a line between the line in the middle of the circle and the line under the circle.


For the eyes, the bottom of the eye is in the middle of these two lines.

the highest part of the top of the eye will be in the middle of these two lines.

the eyes are sort of shaped like the letter C.

The top of the eyes are very curved while the bottom of the eyes aren’t as curved.

The lines get thinner at the ends and thicker in the middle.

The nose lines up with the bottom of the circle.

The mouth goes about halfway between the nose and the end of the chin.

I draw the iris in the shape of an oval, I try my best to make both irises look the same.

Next, I add the fold of the eyelid.

Let’s erase some of the guidelines, the eyebrows are sort of shaped like a frown

Manga hair is often really thick, so there is a gap between the line of the hair and the head.

Now we draw the ears, to read about this approach in more detail see:

How to draw anime ears

now back to the eyes, first I decide, where I want the highlight to go, then I start drawing the pupil, it is shaped like an oval and is pretty big.

I shade in the eyes they are darker at the top and get lighter towards the bottom.

Now I shade in the hair, I try to shade in the same direction the hair is flowing, I also try to leave white space for the highlight.


I’m just adding some shading to the face,  if the light is coming from above, the shadows often appear under the strands of hair, under the chin and around the eyelids.

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