How to Draw Manga and Anime Eyes

Welcome to a new tutorial and exclusive of the series to learn How to draw anime and manga easy for beginners, I’m gonna be showing how to sketch eyes a step by step.

When you learn to draw anime and manga eyes with a pencil you must be patient and go slow so that you can get the right proportions.

So let’s get started :

How to draw anime eyes

The first thing you need to do is draw the shape of the eye but Right now I’m not focusing on making it perfect I’m just trying to get shape the general in place.

How to draw anime eyes for beginners

So now I place the pencil at the bottom of the line and then I drag my hand across and then I place a little dot for I want to the other eyelash to start and then I place my pencil at the top of the eyelash and then drag my hand across and put where I want the top the part where the eyelash arcs the most that’s where I mark and then I kind of try to mimic the shape of the other eyelash I try my best to make them look the same, so I just kind of keep adjusting this left eye until it looks like the right one once again I’m not focusing on making the eyelashes super pretty right now I’m just trying to get the general shape in place eyes can come in many different shapes I’m drawing a very rounded eye in this tutorial.

How to draw anime eyes step by step for beginners

Now I am going in with the bottom eyelash is just kind of simple curving line it’s not as curved as the top eyelash and I kind of imagine that it connects to the upper eyelash on the right side I don’t actually make them connect but I like to imagine that they connect because then I make them line up.

How to draw manga eyes

So then I line up my pencil at the bottom of the bottom eyelash and then I move my hand across and then I draw the bottom eyelash for the left eye, that looks the same can be quite difficult you just kind of have to take your time and be patient.

How to draw manga eyes step by step

I’m starting to outline the iris I just draw a kind of oval shape I have the iris slightly looking upward, so we are able to see the bottom of the iris and the top of the iris is covered by the eyelashes the irises and anime eyes are usually very big and round.

How to draw manga eyes girl

I’m gonna do the same thing in the left eye I try to make sure to keep looking back at the right eye whenever I’m lifting my hand that’s me looking at the right iris, so I’m just kind of going back and forth and trying to place the left iris in the same part of the eye that I placed the right iris, so I kind of look at things like the gap between the eyelashes and how much space is on each side of the iris so it’s just a lot of comparing and trying to make them look the same.

How to draw manga eyes simple

Next, I’m going to draw the pupil is just a smaller oval inside of the iris I try my best to place the oval in the middle of the iris.

How to draw manga eyes for beginners

I check back and forth to make sure that I’m making the irises similar in size.

How to draw manga girl eyes step by step

Now I’m going to add the highlight at first and I’m gonna make it a just circle highlight would look better, and so I did that also right now I’m not pressing too hard on my pencil I’m trying to keep my sketch kind of light that way it’s easy to erase things if I mess up, so now that I have the general shape in place.

How to draw manga girl eyes easy

I’m going to start darkening the lines I go around the top eyelash and try to define the shape a little bit more so it’s gonna get thinner at the ends of the eyelashes and it’s gonna get quite a bit thicker towards the middle and kind of up in the right corner of it and then it tapers again on the end it’s also going to be really dark, so I’m going to fully fill it in I add a little bit of eyelash or feathering at the ends of the eyelashes I just feel like it makes them look really soft and now I’m filling in the top eyelash.

How to draw anime eyes girl

I’m going to add the eyelashes I just move my pencil and a slight flicking motion and I add a couple of eyelashes around the eyes I usually don’t add too many eyelashes.

How to draw anime girl eyes cute

Now I’m making the bottom eyelash thicker I’m just kind of going in and now I am pressing harder on the pencil when I’m darkening the eyelashes and also adding the eyelashes I usually add the eyelashes just to the outer edge of the eye for the bottom eyelash I’ll occasionally add tiny little lashes on the inside of I’ll usually just add the eyelashes on the outside.

Next I’m going to outline the iris I’m pressing pretty hard on the pencil and just trying to make this shape a little bit cleaner and more well-defined I make the line thicker at the top and then I’ll get kind of thinner towards the bottom I like to try to keep my line as similar a width towards the bottom and I’m trying to keep it really clean.

Next I’m going to outline the highlight and just define the shape a little bit more I also clean out the area of the highlight so it’s very white and want the highlight to be as white as possible next I am outlining the pupil and I’m going to be filling in the pupil completely you don’t have to fill in the pupil completely if you don’t want to you can do kind of shaded look in it where it gets its darker at the top and lighter towards the bottom just trying to make pupils as similar in size as I possibly can.

Now we fill in the area of the pupil.

Now I’m going to start on the shading of the eye I slightly outline the highlight a little bit more and I’m going to start by applying quite a bit of pressure on my pencil at the top so that the shading is really really dark and as I move down I’m going to apply less and less pressure to my pencil so that way the shading will get lighter.

So now I’m going along the outside edge of the iris and I’m adding a little bit of shading around the edge I just find this makes it look pretty I try my best to keep the shading between both eyes similar, so I keep checking on my other eye to make sure that I’m not making it too dark in the other eye or too light I just try to keep it the same.

Now we add the eyelid if you want to I just draw two little lines that kind of overlap each other for the eyelid.

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