How To Draw Ears from the side view


Welcome to a new lesson and exclusive of the series to learn How To Draw Ears from the side view For Beginners, We will explain today how to learn to draw ear side view, illustrated and easy steps of implementation.

To draw the ear side we need the following tools:

The shading brush
an eraser
White paper

And we begin with the steps:

  1. Start with the shape that you see in the picture.


  2. Now we draw the inner shape of the ear as a second step.


  3. In the third stage, we close the circuit and draw small circles inside the ear.


  4. At this stage, we begin to clarify the lines and boundaries of the drawing by the pencil.


  5. After the lines are clarified, we wipe the excess lines with the eraser which was intended to avoid errors.


  6. After finishing the previous stages start to shadows the ear by the pencil between the parties and clarify.


  7. During the final stage, I will finish with using The shading brush to obtain more professional homogeneity


With these easy and inexpensive steps, we have obtained the true shape of the ear.


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