How To Draw Ears from the Front view


At first glance, the shapes in the ear seem random and confusing. Draw Ears from the Front view is an obstacle and challenge for many novice painters as well as professionals in mastering it, which is reflected negatively on the painting
Often the painter when drawing the ear in many mistakes, often the ear is greater than the other or isolated from the face.

To draw an Ear step by step pencil we need the following tools:

The shading brush
an eraser
White paper

And we begin with the steps:

  1. Start your drawing by first drawing the overall shape of the head.


  2. The ears lie in the middle third of the face. The top of the ear aligns with the brow ridge and the bottom aligns with the base of the nose.


  3. Now I’ll focus on the complex shapes inside the ear.


  4. we move to a drawing of the other ear shape must be identical to the shape and size.


we will finish with using The shading brush.


For more on drawing Ears characters with different Views see:

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