How to Draw Anime Hands

This tutorial explains How to Draw Anime Hands step-by-step For Beginners.


First, I draw the wrist, then I draw the bottom of the palm the side of the palm with the thumb slightly sticks out from the wrist.


The pinky side lines up with the wrist.

Next, I draw a long straight line on the pinky side and a short diagonal line on the thumb side.

The top slightly curves, and then I draw a straight line down.  At about the half-way point of the palm, I make the line curve.

The fingers get slightly thinner towards the top, but not very much.

I find it easier to draw the fingers when they are separated, instead of all right next to each other. so I’m going to draw them spread out.

I often like to indicate a knuckle around the middle of the finger by having the lines go out and then back in.

I like to indicate the muscles in the hands by drawing a line from the pinky to the bottom of the hand.

Draw a relaxed hand pose.

First I draw the wrist.

Then I draw a diagonal line, on the thumb side, I draw a short diagonal line that stops at about the half-way point of the palm.

then I draw a flat area to leave room for the finger and then I connect the lines with a curving line.

I draw the pointer finger, I’m going to draw it slightly bent to make it look more relaxed.

The tip of the thumb roughly lines up with the middle of the pointer finger.

Draw the other fingers behind the pointer finger.

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