How To Draw Anime Face

This tutorial explains how to draw anime female face in 3/4 view with step-by-step illustrated examples.

Start by drawing a circle for the top part of the head.

I find the middle of the circle and then I split the space between the edge of the circle and the middle of the circle in half.

This line indicates where the middle of the face will be. I’m going to call this line the « center »  line.

I draw a slightly slanting line underneath the circle.

Next, I draw a line coming off of the circle, it stops at the line you drew under the circle. then I draw a slanting line of the jaw, it stops at the center line. then I have the line curve of the chin.
if I split the area between the middle of the circle and the right edge of the circle in half we’ll find where the jaw.

The back of the neck starts where the jaw meets the circle, and the front goes by the chin.

Next, I draw a line in the middle of the total length of the head, This will help me place the anime eyes.

Now I’m going to draw a line in between the line I just drew and the bottom of the circle.

This is where the bottom of the eyes will go.The top of the eyes start at the upper line.

For more variations of anime eyes see:

How to draw manga and anime eyes

The nose goes on the “center” line. I draw a line in between the eyes of the bridge of the nose, and a little dot for the nose. The dot goes at the bottom of the circle.

Do to perspective the eye that is away from us gets “squished”  it is much thinner than the eye that is near us.

I’m going to have her looking towards us.

For the eye that is away from us, I make the iris, line up with the eyelash lines and make them connect.

I draw an oval for the iris, a small circle for the highlight, and another circle for the pupil.

The top of the ear roughly lines up with the top of the eyes, and the bottom of the ear lines up with the nose.

When drawing manga characters often have their mouth.drawn shifted to one side.

So, the mouth starts to the right of the “centre”  line.

I add curving lines for the eyelids, and eyebrows.

For the eyebrows that is away from us, I like to imagine that it’s connecting to the bridge of the nose. This helps me find where to make it start.

Now I’m going to draw the shoulders.

Now I’m going to start drawing the hair. when drawing hair it’s important to remember where the hair part is. I draw the hair flowing from the hair part.

the hair has volume, so it doesn’t lay flat on the head. there is space between the hair and the head.

Now I erase the guidelines and darken my sketch.

I often like to sketch with an erasable colored pencil because it makes it easier for me to clean up my lines with a normal pencil later.

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