Drawing Ears back view


Drawing the ears back view is interesting. we tend to rarely observe this angle of an Ear, however once drawn it’s extremely interesting to look at. not like seeing an ear from the other angle it’s protruded from the head once you observe the ear from the back side. Slight dark shades of hair on the top create it even a lot of interesting. we’ve got divided this lesson into five simple steps, and it needs both sketching and shading. you must be able to draw the picture while not observing it. As perpetually mentioned in earlier lessons, wait and see if you’re not satisfied at the primary time you draw the picture. observe the tutorial multiple times so you master this. This drawing of a back view of the ear is of a boy and let’s proceed on the step by step.

To draw the ear back view we need the following tools:

The shading brush
an eraser
White paper

And we begin with the steps:

  1. During the initial stages, we shape the face we work on.


  2. We are going to draw the back view of the left ear. The first step is to draw an outline as shown in the figure. Draw from left to right and from top to bottom. as shown in the picture below.


  3. Make sure that the ear shape is suitable for the size of the face and we are making the ears visible.


  4. At this stage, we begin the process of shading next to the ear to locate the hair and then continue to clarify the shape of the ear.


  5. Finally, blend all the shading and smooth the graphite out.


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