How to Draw Hands

How-to-Draw Hand-10

Welcome to this new tutorial explains How to Draw Hands step-by-step For Beginners. First I’m going to draw a box-like shape for the palm of the hand. I’m going to draw a line down the middle of the palm, this will help us place the fingers. Next, I connect the circles by drawing the shape of the thumb. I draw a curving line. I erase the circles. the pinky finger comes a little above the palm of the hand and tilts towards the thumb. the middle finger is roughly the…

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How to Draw Anime Hands


This tutorial explains How to Draw Anime Hands step-by-step For Beginners. First, I draw the wrist, then I draw the bottom of the palm the side of the palm with the thumb slightly sticks out from the wrist. The pinky side lines up with the wrist. Next, I draw a long straight line on the pinky side and a short diagonal line on the thumb side. The top slightly curves, and then I draw a straight line down.  At about the half-way point of the palm, I make the line curve.…

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