How To Draw Anime Face


This tutorial explains how to draw anime female face in 3/4 view with step-by-step illustrated examples. Start by drawing a circle for the top part of the head. I find the middle of the circle and then I split the space between the edge of the circle and the middle of the circle in half. This line indicates where the middle of the face will be. I’m going to call this line the « center »  line. I draw a slightly slanting line underneath the circle. Next, I draw a line coming…

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How To Draw Manga Girl

how to draw manga girl

This step by step tutorial shows how to draw Manga girl face and head step by step.  focus is on how to draw a female character facial. First I draw a circle, I decided to trace a cup. Then I draw a straight line down the middle of the circle.   Now, we draw a straight line under the circle, it will help us draw the chin. We draw a straight line under the circle it will help us draw the chin. I draw a line going across the middle of…

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How to Draw Manga and Anime Eyes


Welcome to a new tutorial and exclusive of the series to learn How to draw anime and manga easy for beginners, I’m gonna be showing how to sketch eyes a step by step. When you learn to draw anime and manga eyes with a pencil you must be patient and go slow so that you can get the right proportions. So let’s get started : The first thing you need to do is draw the shape of the eye but Right now I’m not focusing on making it perfect I’m…

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